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Learning to Walk, Day 40, Thursday, October 6th, Navarenxx to Aroue, 20 km

October 7, 2022

The good news is that my big heel blister is no longer painful, which is a huge relief. The less good news is that the painful, burning sensation at the base of my toes still kicks in after about 5 km. I took two breaks today to take off my boots and socks and put my feet up and that helped. I think a big part of it is the pavement walking and hiking boots combination. My current thinking is that when I get to St. Jean Pied de Port, get a second pair of good walking shoes, not boots, and trade off. Boots when I need them for off-pavement climbs and descents, walking shoes for pavement and flatter stretches.

It was a beautiful walk today. I was grateful for a good stretch of woods and shade and dirt to walk on.

Two paths diverged. . .
Leaving Navarenxx
Three pilgrims. The one in the middle walks a tad faster than the other two.
Passed some beautiful houses just outside of Navarenxx.
The greenest, healthiest corn I’ve seen. This farmer clearly has access to water.
This bench appeared just when my feet were screaming, “stop and take a break!!”
I think this Highland cow is a little lost.
Most of the churches in this area are locked.
Underpass art and bar.
Cloudy mountains.
Last night’s gite.
I should have moved it rather than simply admire it. It was in the path from the door and someone stepped on it shortly after I took this. I don’t think I’ve ever mourned a caterpillar before, but it made me quite sad.

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