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Learning to Walk, Day 39, Wednesday, October 5, Navarenxx

October 5, 2022

I’m still here folks! I decided to stay three days in Navarenxx to see a doc about my feet and let them rest. He gave me a very strong anti-inflammatory, said my feet looked amazing for having walked 500-600 km, and did not tell me to stop walking. He also said what I was putting on my heel blister was the best thing to use. Lesson: I will NOT try walking without the liner socks again! I am staying in a wonderful gite with my own room. The hosts are so welcoming and the meals delicious. Gite Le Cri de Girafe, if you are planing your trip.

I plan to start walking again tomorrow, hope to be in St. Jean Pied de Port on Sunday, and hope my feet and the weather allow me to start across the Pyrenees on Tuesday. Prayers, thoughts, healing energy for feet are all welcome!

Guard tower I guess?

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  1. another wonderful entry !…glad you got to take a bit of a pause. ..yes, let’s hear it for anti-blister socks !!! . .all blessings and congratulations on those feet !…you’re terrific.

  2. Susan H Anderson permalink

    Prayers and healing energy coming your way, especially for your feet.

  3. Nan permalink

    Love these posts, Beverly! Glad to know you have taken a break to take care of your physical health; hope the rest is salutary on all fronts. Best of luck with the Pyrenees!!

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