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Learning to Walk, Day 41, Friday, October 7, Aroue to Harambelz, about 20 km, I think

October 7, 2022

Today’s walk was glorious. Two big climbs—the first was on a typical narrow path through trees so wasn’t bad, the second—oh my—I was not expecting this today! A LONG uphill climb with no shade in the glaring sun—hot, hot, hot. But when you reached the top—oh my again. Pictures to follow.

Foot update—it is clearly pavement that aggravates the problem the worst. When I get to trails my feet do much better. Managed 14 km before stopping to take my boots and socks off and let them rest. In part, because there was simply nowhere to sit until then! We were warned that there would be absolutely nothing in terms of services on this stretch. So the gite last night had a small store where you could buy cheese, bread, fruit and a few other things you might want for the day. At 14 km there were some picnic benches in a small village so I joined all the others who were walking today and enjoyed my lunch there with my feet up. After lunch came the two climbs. Now I am at my gite, in a lovely old farmhouse, hoping to finish this before dinner starts at 6:30. There is a barely two month old kitten curled up beside me, and a five-month old curled up on my bed upstairs. Awww.

Here are photos from this glorious day. The Pyrenees are looming large now, but you may have to zoom in to see them through the clouds.

This morning.
These ducks ran up from below the barn to greet me. I had nothing for them.
This is the Stele Gibraltar, where three Chemins meet as they all approach St. Jean Pied de Port, the Chemin Le Puy or Via Podiensis which I’ve been walking, the Vezelay, and the one that starts in Paris.
The back side of the Stele Gibraltar has the more glorious view.

And here are photos of the long, long climb in the hot, hot sun.

But it was worth it when you got to the top.

It was definitely a Maria moment, though in the wrong mountains.
The little chapel at the top was barred, but you could look through.
The chapel at the top.

That climb was good practice for what is to come in a few days when I head over the Pyrenees. Since I took three days off, and much of the walk lately has been flat, I’m glad for the two climbs today. Can’t lose my climbing legs before the Pyrenees.

A couple of interiors from tonight’s gite.

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  1. Patricia Decker permalink

    Well…the gite looks lovely. But I am biased as there are kittens. But I think I would be impressed even without the kittens. So glad you’re getting a handle on how to take care of your tootsies. And relieved that you have been able to find the care you need in many different ways.

  2. I am just thrilled every time I sit here and scroll through these amazing photos !..some of which could easily be paintings by Monet !,,those skies and the light ! your amazing adventure ! “How beautiful upon the mountains Are the feet of one who brings good news. Who proclaims peace/Who brings glad tidings of good things “…
    you are amazing.

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