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Learning to Walk, Days 35 and 36, maybe, Oct 1-2, Aire sur L’Adour to Miramont-Sensacq- to Arzacq-Arraziguet

October 2, 2022

The days and places are blurring together. We are in a part of the walk with few villages and towns, and lots and lots of farmland. The big WOW yesterday was when I realized that all of a sudden I could see the Pyrenees!!

I am having a lot of foot trouble which is very frustrating having come this far. The boots I bought a week or so ago solved some problems, but I think they are causing different ones. And I decided to try walking without my liner toe socks for the last few km yesterday, thinking they might be the problem, and promptly got my first bad blister. I hate to be this close to the Pyrenees and not be able to finish this part of the walk!! I’m taking the transport van again tomorrow for another rest day, then will try walking again the day after. If I’m still having trouble, I’ll find the next town big enough for a podiatrist. It is definitely a lesson in learning one’s limits. But disappointing.

Clouds lifted!

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  1. Lorna Waddle permalink

    Dear Beverly,
    We am in awe of you. No matter what is happening with you feet, you will be ok. We have followed your journey everyday that you have written. Inspiring.
    Fondly, Lorna, Jeff and Leah

  2. Susan H Anderson permalink

    Oh, Beverly, I’m so sorry you are having feet problems. I’m in awe at how far you have walked and hiked up and down so many places. I hope you find a podiatrist who can provide some relief.
    I love the misty pictures, especially the ones with the spider webs and the next one of the twisted trees in the forest. Thanks so much for your beautiful pictures.
    Sending prayers for your feet.

  3. Patricia Decker permalink

    Hey honey – I’m sorry your feet are being a bit of a bother, but I guess you are meant to see wonderful things from a different vantage point. As far as I can tell, you’re totally smashing this whole pilgrimage and you’re doing amazing. Thinking of you, friend.

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