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Learning to Walk, Day 32, Wednesday, September 28, from Montreal-du-Gers to Eauze

September 28, 2022

Not too long of a walk today, and nice to share it with a friend from British Columbia. We walk at a similar pace, and while I don’t at all mind walking alone, it was nice to have company, especially since as we struggled through the rain and got soaked! Unlike the light rain of the other day, this got quite heavy. There was a gite at about the 9 km point that also has a cafe for pilgrims. In the middle of nowhere and VERY welcome. They had enough sheltered tables for all of us who took refuge. I had tea and an early lunch as we watched the storm. By the time we finished eating, the rain had stopped and we only had a few drops for the rest of the day.

I’m in Eauze, in a wonderful gite, Chez Nadine, with my own room and en-suite everything for two glorious nights. I’m not even setting an alarm in the morning. As Nadine said, “if you sleep til ten it’s because you need it.” I also have a mild cold and am trying to keep it from progressing. I guess it’s unavoidable with so much shared accommodation.

More tomorrow. I hope to have the energy to do some catching up. That’s my plan, but I made that plan pre-cold, so we’ll see.

Saying prayers for folks in Florida. I was touched by how concerned our gite owners were about the storm. I asked if they knew people in Florida, and they said, “no, but it is going to be a catastrophe so we are worried.” They even turned on CNN as we finished dinner. First TV news I’ve seen in over a month.

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  1. you give me hope . . one can survive a month without TV news ?!…hooray …
    for me that alone is a spiritual awakening ! enjoy your private room and rest…your pilgrimage has me completely fascinated.

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