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Learning to Walk, Day??, Wednesday, October 19, Interlude: A Dispatch from Home

October 19, 2022

Took the train from Burgos to Leon late this afternoon. I know I still need to post about Pamplona and Burgos, and what it is like to not walk for a week. But I will test this hostal’s wifi with a short dispatch from home. My daughter sent me photos from her gorgeous hike in the Adirondacks last Saturday saying, “Mom, my friends said it’s okay to post these on your blog.” How can I pass that up??? So here are some photos of happy college kids on a gorgeous Saturday hike:

And here is Buttercup, happy in his new, bigger crate at his temporary fall home. So grateful for friends taking care of the cats and dog!!

That’s it for now. If I’m not too tired after dinner, I’ll catch up. If not, tomorrow. Or another tomorrow. Will enjoy seeing Leon, and really looking forward to starting to walk again on Friday.

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  1. Patricia Decker permalink

    Ah…that hike looks amazing, and those kiddos seem really sweet. So happy for Em. Please send her my love. Also, so happy that Buttercup is doing well. So great that all of your charges are doing so well. But I bet they miss you. I know I do. Take care, sweetie.

  2. wonderful to see those young beaming faces !… beautiful.

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