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Learning to Walk, Day 31, Tuesday, September 27, Condom to Montreal du Gers

September 28, 2022

I would happily have stayed a few nights in Gite Au Plaisir d’Etape, last night’s gite. I haven’t stayed anywhere that I would review negatively, but some gites really stand out and this one, owned by Corinne and Philippe is one of them. So welcoming, a beautiful gite, warm and friendly hosts, and I had a single room. And a real towel and real bedding, a welcome change from my pack towel and sleep sack (which is actually great, but it’s not real bedding!)

I spent about an hour in Larresingle, about 6 km into today’s walk. It is the smallest fortified village in France and one of the few remaining in this part of France with its walls intact. Straight out of a medieval storybook. Walls all around, surrounded by a moat (dry), castle and church in the center, a bit of open space, and houses and shops built against the interior of the wall.

Passed this milestone just after Larresingle—only 1000 km to go!

Next stop was a very, very old church, L’Eglise Routges the oldest in the area, 11th century. Very small, and guarded by the black cat who lives in it. He was not unfriendly, but he did startle me. I don’t think the church has electricity—there were just big candles around—so it was dim inside and all of a sudden there was a very loud “meow!!” And there was the cat sitting on a chair. It must live there because there was a bowl for it on the wall of the entry porch.

Tonight I am in Montreal du Gers, and frankly there’s not a lot here! Another big cavernous 13th century church, but I did not find it as inspiring as others. Tomorrow I go to Eauze, where I will finally spend two nights in one place with a day of no walking in between.

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  1. you made my morning this time with ” . . .and a real towel ” !
    lol… I am so enjoying your amazing pilgrimage.

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