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Learning to Walk, Day 12, September 8, Conques to Livinhac-le-haut (by shuttle)

September 8, 2022

My plan had been to take the transport service to Decazeville and walk the last 5 km to Livinhac. But as I got up from lunch I said, “nope, I’m going to see if they can take me all the way to Livinhac. I can’t even manage 5 km today.” It was no problem. That was where they were taking everyone else. It was a beautiful drive, and I’m sure it would have been a wonderful walk, but would have involved a lot of intense climbing up and down, my Australian friends said even the last 5 km from Decazeville involved an intense climb and descent, which I just wasn’t up to today. I think I am probably going to need to do this once every 7 – 10 days, and I probably should have done it sooner—like that one day that was just hot and a lot of pavement—but I didn’t know that then!

Livinhac. What can I say about Livinhac-le-haut? Anything would suffer by comparison the day after Conques, but Livinhac strikes me as a town that is struggling. The gite is very nice, with a bohemian feel, run by a man from Italy, and dinner promises to be a wonderful Italian meal, but there is not really anything else here. There was a place in the center to get a drink before the gite opened, and a few of my favorite people I’ve met so far are staying here, so it will be a lovely evening.

Here are few more photos from my morning in Conques. I took some more photos of the tympanum in daylight.

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  1. sooooo amazing, Beverly !!…this is such a pleasure looking at these photos..another World, another Time and you walking thru it . . amazing !

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