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Learning to Walk, Day 12 cont.

September 8, 2022

Dinner tonight was worth writing about. Not just the food but the company and experience. I am at the Gite La Vita et Bella. I booked here because I had read about the wonderful dinner experience. The host is originally from Italy and has been doing this for ten years. He cooked an amazing pasta dish and we all ate outside under his grapevine. The sense of community that has grown is everything you read about on the Camino. Strangers who see each other day after day and become friends. Sometimes you don’t see each other for a few days, then you meet up again. Many nights I have been the only non French speaker, but tonight there were people from Austria, Germany, France and the US, and the common language was English for most of us. So there was some French, some German, and English. And when the conversation around me was in German, I was sitting next to the other American and we could talk. The Germans sang a few songs—one of which I knew and could sing along with, and after dinner our host brought out his accordion and played for us. It was a lovely evening. Except for the mosquitos. I may be scratching in my sleep. They even bit me through my clothes.

Just a snippet. I don’t think I’ll get the longer video to load. But this gives you a taste of the evening.

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  1. Haves just been catching up with your last few posts. Wonderful photos and your dinner today looks delicious. Lovely to hear of you making friends en route. Your growing stamina is impressive. Looking forward to reading the next instalments x

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