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Learning to Walk, Days 18-20, continued

September 16, 2022

Since this is part 2 of Days 18-20, if you haven’t seen that post I did a little while ago, you might want to go back one. I have a little over an hour and relatively good wifi so am going to try and catch up.

First some more photos from Saint Cirq Lapopie:

Quick aside. Or maybe not so quick since I tend to be verbose. I am sitting outside on a large deck of this cafe, with my afternoon beer, and there is the most delightful breeze blowing. It finally feels like fall may be in the air here. Oh, please, let it be so. I am so looking forward to walking in cooler weather. More on appreciating the small things later. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.

More photos from St. Cirq Lapopie, taken this morning before the village really woke up.

Okay. Now to back up a couple of days. I don’t think I have had time to write about or share pictures from Marcilhac-sur-Cele or the incredible walk there. If I ever forget where I am and tell you something I’ve already shared, just skip over it! It’s a hassle to go back and forth between posts and figure out just what I have and haven’t talked about.

I remember writing about arriving in Espagnac, and getting a quick peek in the church. Here are a few photos from the next morning, September 14:

Another aside. The wind is so chilly I am actually wearing my fleece! Come on, fall!!

In Marcilhac there are the ruins of a Romanesque church that was part of the Abbey adjacent to the still intact and active Gothic church. It was very cool.

Okay. I’m done. I think I’m as caught up as I’m going to be, and it is almost dinner time. One more photo from this afternoon’s walk, back on the theme of appreciating the little things. I walked by this gorgeous bush. No idea what it is. I’ve really started to notice the colors changing in the last couple of days. Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far! See you next time I have wifi.

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  1. absolutely thrilling to see these..I’m just in awe looking at what you’re sharing… amazing ! thank you for making such wonderful journals !

  2. Patricia Decker permalink

    First of all, my favorite picture so far is the “ridiculous” one of you because it’s great to see your lovely face. So lovely to read about and see all of your journey. Miss you!

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