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Learning to Walk—I have no idea what day it is, but the date is September 15

September 15, 2022

Just a note so friends, family, and church folk don’t worry. I’m fine. I’ve had two spectacular days, and no wifi. I hope to catch you up soon! For tonight I am in St Cirq Lapopie. Designated “the most beautiful village in France.” Will not try to upload photos now. It’s too late to try and do that with no wifi!

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  1. Susan H Anderson permalink

    Glad to hear your are fine. Thanks for your fabulous pictures and for taking the time to download them and also for your great descriptions of the countryside, villages, churches, food, etc. After walking for hours, I think I’d just want to eat and go to sleep, so thank you!

  2. “…the most beautiful village in France”?!!!…I’ll have to steel myself for it…I’m already blown away by the beauty of all you’ve shared !!. . ok..bring it ON !

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