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Learning to Walk

August 19, 2022

Getting Ready, August 19, 2022

Sunset from my balcony.

Getting ready this week has not involved much walking. Well, not much walking in the Park with my pack anyway. In fact, no walking in the Park with my pack since Monday. This last week has just been too heavily scheduled, so my walking has been limited to walking to and from appointments and meetings. Today that meant three medical appointments and three errands. However, I did end up walking just over 6 miles with all those appointments and errands. And while I didn’t have my pack on and didn’t have any hills, there are going to be days that are all pavement, and many people say those are the most challenging. As a New Yorker, I am probably better prepared for those days than many people are!

Since I was not out in nature, your photos today are city street ones.

A stunning princess dress from my favorite place to window shop—J. Mendel.
This apparently is THE place for bubble tea, judging from the line and crowd outside.
Can’t see inside, but apparently it is a giant bouncy house? I would love to have gone inside but no time.
A family sliding down the exit.

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One Comment
  1. Mariam permalink

    Amazing, Beverly! I can’t imagine doing it, and I’m pretty fit. I’ll pray for all the blessings you’ll encounter along the way.

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