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New Year’s Eve

January 1, 2012

11:15 New Year’s Eve, on the farm in Tiger, Georgia

Emily’s asleep.  Mom and Dad are asleep. The NY Philharmonic is on the TV in the living room.  Outside it is countryside-dark and winter quiet. No cricket and frog symphony this time of year.  I suppose for some this would be considered an incredibly dull and boring New Year’s Eve. Well, truth be told, it might be nice to have someone else awake in the house to see the New Year in with, but a peaceful, reflective New Year’s Eve is not a bad thing. I’m remembering a few quiet New Year’s Eves at the Jersey Shore with friends and last year at Lauren’s with our Italian family visiting–memories that remind me of how grateful I am to have good friends.

I’ve never been good at following through on New Year’s resolutions. But I have been wanting to do more writing for a while now, so I decided I would start the New Year by creating a blog, and aim to have my first post completed by midnight. Making this blog more attractive will have to wait until I’m home and have access to my photos.

What New Year’s resolutions would I like to follow through on, if I can manage to do it?

Write every day.  At least a paragraph.

Eat more healthily, get more sleep, do yoga, walk.  All those things that will make me healthier, give me more energy, make me a more patient mama, and reduce stress.

Embrace/practice Simplicity Parenting (and finish reading the book!), even over Emily’s protests. Ultimately, we would both be happier and healthier.

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!!

Okay. That’s enough. I better stop before this becomes completely unrealistic.

There’s no champagne in the house, so I’m going to go drink my just-brewed cup of chai tea, eat a cookie, and watch the ball drop on TV–thankful that I am not, and never will be, standing in that Times Square throng, desperately having to pee.  I mean, really, where’s the fun in that??

Happy New Year!  May you seek and find what truly nurtures your soul–body, mind and spirit.

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  1. Margaret Mills permalink

    Bravo, Beverly! I loved reading your blog.

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